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June 3, 2006

How to make Flying Spaghetti Monster jewelry

FSM ring

1. Materials

  1. 1 pair of wire cutters
  2. 1 pair of round nose pliers
  3. 1 pair of longnose pliers
  4. 8 inches of 16 gauge floral stem wire
  5. 2 copper beads, 3mm in diameter
  6. 26 inches of 24 gauge, half-hard, silver jewelry wire

2. Making a wire-coiling tool

bend loop in wire 1. Bend a loop in the 16 gauge floral stem wire to form a "handle" as pictured.
6 inch tool 2. This is the tool we will use to help us in coiling the silver wire. It should be about 5 - 6 inches long.

3. Coiling the silver wire

hold wire against tool 3. Hold one end of the silver wire against the handle of our wire-coiling tool.
wrap wire around tool 4. Leaving about 1 inch of wire uncoiled on the end, wrap the silver wire tightly around the tool.
wrap wire around tool 25 times 5. Continue wrapping the wire around the tool about 25 times, or until the length of the coiled section is about 1 inch long.
add a bead 6. Thread a bead onto the long end of the wire.
wrap wire around bead 7. Backtrack in your coiling by wrapping the wire around the left side of the bead a couple of times in order to hold the bead in place, then continue coiling the wire on the right side of the bead until you have added another inch to the coil.
add 2nd bead 8. Add a second bead to the long end of the wire.
wrap wire around second bead 9. As in step 7, coil around the left side of the 2nd bead a couple of times, then continue coiling the remainder of the wire to the right of the bead. Stop when there is about 1 inch of uncoiled wire left.
slide coil off tool 10. Grip the coil on the end closest to the handle and slide the coil off of the tool.
sliding coil out
coil separated Your coil should look something like this.

4. Transforming the coil into the Flying Spaghetti Monster

stretch coil 11. Stretch the entire coil until its length is roughly quadrupled.
tangle coil around bead 12. Tangle the midsection of the coil around one of the beads.
tangle coil around 2nd bead 13. Tangle an equal amount of wire around the second bead. Using the remainder of the coil, tangle it around the wire surrounding both beads to hold the mass of tangled coils together. This will form the body of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
feed uncoiled end through body 14. Feed one of the uncoiled ends through the body of the FSM.
feed 2nd end through body 15. Feed the second uncoiled end through the body of the FSM.
bend end 16. Using the round nose pliers, make a loop at the very end of the wire to form an eye stalk.
loop end 17. If there is excess wire on the end, you may trim it off with the wire cutters
loop 2nd end 18. Repeat steps 16 and 17 on the second end to complete the FSM.

5. Attach jewellery components

ring Attach the charm to a hoop to make a ring.
barrette Attach to a bobby pin to make a barrette.
necklace Attach to a chain to make a necklace.


Hey thats great. Love it.
I'm a jeweler/convert too. 15 years jeweler 2 months 'because I want to believer'.
Is there somewhere to see your jewelry?
I like melting glass too.

Hi there,
I love your jewellery! And I've just recently discovered the FSM, I think its fab! Was wondering if you sell any of your jewelley? Because I would love to buy some! And I also saw your FSM plush on Flickr, do you sell those as well?

Where do you purchase those type of bobby pins?

I got the bobby pins at a drug store.

Awesome. Is it possible to purchase your finished product? I'd like to get matching necklace charms for my sister and me.

Hey Winnie,
A flying spaghetti monster - how fun! I'd love to share it with people on my website. Contact me?